A Letter to Ourselves

Dear Me Somebody Everybody,

A Letter to Ourselves

Life is not what we expected it to be. Things are a lot stranger and a bit more difficult now. When you were younger, in mind, body and soul, you think everyone who loves you will be around forever and love you forever as who you are. You want world peace and laugh at every joke, even if the joke isn’t that funny. When we were young, nothing really mattered but playing in the street and watching Saturday morning cartoons with our bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You never wondered if taxes and gas prices were too high or if you voted for the right person to be President. Continue reading

Feel Free and Happy in 10 Simple Steps

Happiness in 10 Steps

In today’s world, if you close your eyes for too long, you will miss everything beautiful in the world today. Society as a whole is so obsessed with finding happiness in their jobs, gadgets, technology and other trivial things, that they lose themselves and their happiness in the process. Gain your freedom and start being happy, in body and soul, with these 10 soul boosting steps. Continue reading